Friday, January 27, 2012

Not Another Night At The Roller Disco - LA Derby Dolls, Silver Lake

(Roller Disco-inspired window at Squaresville in Los Feliz)

(Okay, I know I'm about to date myself but whatever.... I turn 42 in a couple weeks and I am proud!)
When I was a little girl I was obsessed with roller skating - particularly Roller Disco. Everyone was doing it.  Olivia Newton John was boogying on skates in the movie Xanadu. So were Charlie's Angels and Jack on Three's Company and even CHiPs was in on the action! The silver roller skate on my childhood charm bracelet commemorates my fascination... 

So when my bf invited me to the Roller Derby Saturday night I couldn't resist! I expected a night of pure retro-gt's but other than a few decorative details the roller derby didn't feel retro at all.

 Disco roller skate at The Doll Factory

The LA Derby Dolls are a no-nonsense group of feisty females who's league is made up of five teams: Fight Crew; Sirens; Tough Cookies; Varsity Brawlers; and the all-star team -who I had the honor of seeing- the LA Ri-Ettes. If that isn't menacing enough - the players have names/alter egos like Demolicious, Mourning Wood (her number is 8am!), and Laguna Beyatch. You don't mess with this bunch - before I even watched them play hard, I was too intimidated to take their photos. I took photos of their photos instead!

And when they weren't looking I trolled their private spaces where they came to get glamorous or re-alined... 

The Dolls wear Stila

And then we all cheered on as they kicked a** beating San Diego's Wildfires. It felt a little Mad Max Beyond the Thunder Dome but not staged. Just good old fashioned girl on girl fun!

These pictures don't do it justice! 

One last thing - Chargin' Tina you rule!!


JazzyO said...

Hey Ive been here before, not to watch the derby but to go to Stilas warehouse sale!! WOOOT! Looks like fun.

Shybiker said...

I love roller-skating and find Roller Derby to be real Grrl Power. Glad to see you support it.

I'm a decade older than you, so I remember back in the '80s when everyone had skates. I'd roll down the walkway along the Charles River in Boston and, when I saw someone attractive, I'd lean back to look cool and inevitably fall on my butt. Aahh, youth. :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Love this post^^

new post - up all night♥mfashionfreak

I'd love to follow you if you would do the same for me?:)

Lady and Olga said...

I'd love to try a place like that :)

pinkmate said...

Oh my gosh! I've always loved to do the roller disco!!!


Anne Chic and Geek said...

I did that... when I was 12 ;)
You just revealed some memories... Thx for that and for reading Chic & Geek !
Bisous from Paris

Amanda said...

Hello! I found your blog through my friends, Sam from petitefemmejolie. I have always wanted to go to a roller derby! They look like so much fun!

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Courtney said...

Hahahaha! This cracked me up. Man they mean business. It's like hockey for women. Love it!

absolutelyfaaabulous said...

So funny cause I just had a Roller Disco party for my bday last weekend!! You know that they say "great minds think alike" ;)) Kis kis kiss

nail art said...

so funny