Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pink and Orange

My niece Talia turned two Sunday. To celebrate I wanted to make her a cake as vibrant and fun as she is! Next time I may do four different colors (like for Aria's fourth Birthday maybe...) or a gradation of one color from light to bright... The possibilities are endless! Begin by using this recipe for classic white cake. You will be doubling the recipe to make four layers - so begin by doing the first batch in a color of your choice.
Wilton Icing Colors really helped to achieve the perfect shade. They are sold at Michael's - where there is an entire isle devoted to the art of cake decorating! You can use a toothpick to drop the color in the batter. Begin with a small amount because you can always add but you can never take away. 
Work carefully! I am still finding globs of pink in the most surprising nooks of my kitchen... Also, don't wear your favorite dress and protect yourself with an apron!
Pour the batter into prepared tins. I wanted the stripes to be a little cooky by varying the width. Some tins were filled more than others to achieve the variation. If you decide to do the same, remember to pay special attention to the cooking time. The tin with the least amount will be fully baked before the other.
Clean up between batches! 
Make your buttercream frosting while the last batch of cake bakes. Your frosting will also be done in two batches, if you choose to use two colors. If you prefer to keep it simple, simply double your recipe. I decided to decorate with orange frosting between the layers (which was also used for the crumb coat) and pink for the exterior - pink being the Birthday Girl's favorite color... Remember to alternate the colors of the cake when stacking. 
I originally intended to make full use of my vintage cake decorating set from Martha by Mail but was pressed for time. Little rosettes seemed a girly choice and the pink sugar crystals added a little sparkle (and crunch!)
Time to party!
So pretty when lit...
Just seeing Talia's face lit up like a Birthday cake was well worth the effort! (somewhere along the way she lost her skirt!)

This cake was a hit! It tasted as good as it looked - moist and airy...
... some little people even went back for seconds!!


absolutelyfaaabulous said...

Noooooooo you are the BEST AUNTIE ever! Seriously, this is such a cute original idea.. Will try to copy it for my nephews' birthday (I have two, one is three, the other.. well as you saw, just a few days old) except that I will have to change the colours for sure cause the older one is just three years old but he already hates everything that is pink cause 'this is for girls'.. pff these kids!! Anyway, your little niece is adorable.. she could be modelling for babies clothes! And we will definitely have to introduce her to my nephew(s) in a few years! Deal done ;))

Leonie said...

Wow this cake looks amazing! And such a cute top with the two bows :-)

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fifi said...

love everything about the first pic! the cake looked adorable all lit and those candles!!! you are such a good auntie!!

fifi said...

btw thanks for the sweet comments! xo

B.Inspired said...

WOWOOWW!!! That is a gorgeous cake and I have been dying to see it since you told us about it and it looks just beautiful! You are a very talented baker! I am sure Talia was super happy :D

Amanne said...

This is so adorable! I want a cake like that haha. Lucky little princess.

LaU said...

wow!!! lovely and veru cute!


Carrie said...

My goodness! What a great cake!!!!!!! Will you make me one? Just fabulous! Talia is fortunate to have such a talented Auntie! So cute she is! Just found your site now following you!
XO Carrie

Leslie Christen | LifeStyling said...

my two favorite colors, lucky gal!!!!

...and by the way I LOVE your Blog.
Love Leslie


Fashion Translated said...

The cake looks phenomenal -- it's perfect!!

Fashion Translated

mAdi*cakes said...

ok..the cake is insanely adorable.
Your outfit is really adorable. I'm eyeballing that ring extensively.
And your niece is super adorable.
This whole post made me smile.
I am definitely taking over the kitchen at college and making this cake for my friend's birthday coming up. :] Perfect! Thank you for sharing. Have a fabulous week! xo.

akiko hiramatsu said...

Thank you for the commenting on my blog!
Wow! It is what a pop cake!
It was a wonderful party.^^


Ola said...

the cake was great which is in particular visible on the last picture:)

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Nice post, great photos :D
Follow each other? I bookmarked!

Nothing Lasts Forever said...

Thank you for your extremely sweet comment and advice ! I've already enlarged the page and I'll make some bigger pictures for my next post ! This is my dream cake ! I wish I was able to bake like that ! You're an amazing auntie ! Keep checking out :

Miss Bias said...

How cool does that cake look. Delicious. I can see why seconds were on cards. Great job.

Miss Bias

sooz said...

omg that is the most beautiful cake i've ever seen!! what a lucky girl!


the fashlight said...

that pink cake is soo cute!!


Lady and Olga said...

OMG it's like the most beautiful cake EVER !!! <3


Kimberly said...

Hey !
That cake is so beautiful, bet it tastes as good as it looks :)

David Diaz said...

Aww cute post! :D

Have a Good Day!



Rosa Pel said...

oh i want it toooo

style point said...

wow.so cool cake xxxxxwould love to try it haha x

CMA said...

love the pink cake!
come visit COSMICaroline for a new outfit and a brand new psychedelic banner!


tessa said...

omigod yum. looks SO good and SOOpretty!


Aggie602 said...

Beautiful cake and frosting looks yummy! Love your blog so glad I found it, its very creative and inspiring.

Bohemian vanity said...

Awwww sooo sweet !!! xoxo

The PvdH Journal said...

Oh my goodness that cake is INSANE! You are seriously amazing!

hehe A Colour Blocking Cake ;)- how very in vogue of you!



Incognito said...

That is such a sweet post ! Your cake looks AMAZING with those two colors, very trendy ! It also seems yummy. Your niece's little outifit is really cute too (even if she chose not to wear the skirt at some point haha)

Absolute B. from Incognito

dani said...

that is the most magical cake i have evvver seeen!
thankyou for your comment! it lead me to your lovely blog; i'm following

come back and visit

Tam said...

This is so cute! I love ittt!!! Your blog is awesome.

Yours Truly,


jill said...

I cannot believe you MADE THIS. you are so amazing! and waayyy more ambitious than I am. I want to try, though!

x. jill

Constance said...

The colors of this cake look amazing! It looks like something that Marie-Antoinette would eat!! :)


nolwenn said...

That made me so hungry

heylila said...

wow! these colors!
I will be in LA/Los Feliz Silverlake in September, do you have any recommendations on restaurants or vintage stores, cool bars or anything else I should visit there?

kira said...

WOW! amazing cake hun


thegirlsabouttown said...

what a nice auntie !! would love that even on my next birthday! looks sooo good, too good to eat even! haha ! :-)


stylecomb said...

This is the most amazing home made cake I've ever seen!! Pink and orange is such a great color combo.


Neekoh said...

How fun!! I want you to make my next birthday cake, complete with curly candles :D


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Orange & pink is one of my favorite color combos! Looked like a great (and yummy) party!


Michelle Goldie said...

Oooh these pictures are so nice! Great idea for the cake :)

Magical Day Dream said...

Hi! I am back from Spain, checked out your blog and just HAD to tell you this cake is amazing and I want to eat it and have it and bake it :D Thanks for sharing!



Samantha said...

wow that looks delicious! And so nice and neaaaat! If I attempted to bake a cake. I can assure you it would look good haha