Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go-Go's Like, Totally Live at The Greek

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Like, The Go-Go's played The Greek last night and it was sooo boss! Omigod, like, it was one of those perfect nights, like, with the moon rising... and it totally cast the most awesome glow on Belinda Carlisle's already glowing face - she turned 53 last night and I swear I need to find out who does her  work because she still looks bitchin after all these years! The humidity was totally bogus - like, my hair went flat after the first song. That wasn't the only bogus event of the night but I ended up having a gnarly time anyway... How could you not? After a career spanning, like, FIVE decades, and various stints in rehab for inviting the White Lady to gigs, those girls still know how to rock out!!!
 This was taken post-concert. What goes around, comes around... Neon is back, Run DMC-inspired gold necklaces look better than ever (or is it Mr. T?) and Nike hightops are totally tubular!
They don't allow proper cameras at The Greek so I apologize for the grainy photo quality but like, I totally wanted you to see how Belinda's look has not changed yet it's still as fabulous as ever! She was shimmering in a shoulder baring silver sequin tunic, black pants and bare feet. She's the perfect example of how personal style is totally enduring!
Guitarist and keyboardist (she's the one who puts the 'new' in New Wave, like, fer sure!) Charlotte Caffey rocked a Peter Pan collared dress and knee socks!
I know I have some super-young readers out there who weren't even born when these girls were hitting the charts, who may only know them from singing "Vacation" at karaoke... To you I say: Seriously look into the music these girls created! This little LA band made history by being the first all female group to write their own songs and play their own instruments! The clip above is from a 1981 performance of my favorite song of theirs, "This Town". I was belting it out at the top of my lungs last night because, like, it's so totally true!

This town is our town
It is so glamorous
Bet you'd live here if you could
And be one of us


fifi said...

omg grew up loving the gogo's!!! belinda was always the beautiful one and from the pics she still is! wish i was there last night with ya!

Lady and Olga said...

Nice pop look ;)


darren the chef said...

die hard, long-term Go-Go's fan here. They came out of the valley where I "grew-up" and we used to go see them perform at the Whiskey (with our fake IDs). Wish I could have seen them last night and I'm a little jealous of the green dayglo jacket.

minnja said...

love it :)


pinkmate said...

oh gosh! I love go-go's!!!! I have their album! Now it shows how old i am! haha! by the way, i like how you re-created a Run DMC-like outfit! Might do that as well! haha!


Anne Chic and Geek said...

I love you as Mrs. T ;)
And your smile is contagious : put one on my face...
Lucky you

dani said...

sorry i must have forgotten but don't worry i really am following you now!
thankyou! i would have missed your blog updates!

Cynthia_° said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm following you too, cause I love the concept of your blog, that's original and I like it!
This outfit is verry pretty, and perfect for a concert!

thegirlsabouttown said...

i am in LOVE with your neon yellow jacket..... soooooo cool! i want one too now!!!! ;) like how you've paired it with a simple white T and edgy statement necklaces..what a cool look, and by the looks of it, a very cool concert too!

muse said...

great look!!! Xx Muse

stylecomb said...

1. I have the same chair 2. love your neons! 3. amazing concert! 4. I have been listening to little dragon non-stop lately because of you. :)