Monday, July 15, 2013

Neighborhood Stroll To The Beach - Pacific Palisades, CA

Now that I've got my bearings, and have begun to orient myself, I am finally able to post this collection of photos. I have moved across the city - to what we locals call "The Westside". But it's more than just geography - it's a lifestyle! I am living a dream - I'm at the beach...!!! I am now in Pacific Palisades, sandwiched between Santa Monica and Malibu.

"Castillo Del Mar" - this is the garage where they found Thelma Todd's lifeless body. 

My neighborhood is called Castellamare. A friend described it as "Hollywood Hills in the Palisades". While the area does have quite a few fabled Hollywood stories, it  is built on a coastal bluff and has the feel of the Amalfi Coast. All the streets have Italian names - no wonder I feel so at home here.! 

Pride of Madeira

The house John Barrymore (Drew's grandfather) built for his girlfriend

These photos were taken the very first time I journeyed down to the beach. Now that I've taken this route dozens of times I love to look at them, to see what captured my interest on that first day of discovery.
Tiled entrance John Barrymore's House

Another beautiful Mediterranean 1920's home

Bust perched atop an entrance to yet another Mediterranean style villa

Mail box with pottery shard mosaic 

I love to start the day with a walk on the beach. If the tide is low I can find all kinds of treasures: seaglass, pottery shards, moonstone, seashells and I've even found bones and a brass urn!

I cross the old landslide and head down the trail...

...Take the stairs that lead to the overpass...

View of PCH from overpass

On a good day (like this one) the beach is strewn with rocks - the glass is hidden amongst

Before I knew it - the fog rolled in, making the hunt for glass almost impossible

With a small bag of treasures from the sea it was time to head back up the stairs...

... Through the slide...

...Back to home sweet home - with a view of fog creeping up the coast

I've been fortunate enough to make this my routine every morning unless I have a pilates class! Tell me friends, how is your summer? What has become part of your routine this lately? I missed you - promise to keep in touch from now on!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long Beach Antique Market - Long Beach, CA

Every third Sunday of the month the cool hunters of LA flock to the Long Beach Antique Market at Veterans Stadium in search of treasure. Last Sunday my mother, sister and I joined the hundreds of designers, collectors and hipsters (oh, and 'regular people') in a quest for something unique. 

my mother made a bee-line towards this cape!

There is nothing I enjoy more than being overwhelmed by "stuff" everywhere I look! Why is it so fun to lug heavy bags filled with new things I don't have room for, while my feet and back ache?  

1) Everything Looks Better In Groups:


2) The Oddities:

body parts
dolls on Elvis-style furniture

3) Stylish People:

cowhide backpack 
double mustache
futuristic wedgies
"Rosie The Riveter"-style headscarf
modern-day Southwest Cowboy/Cowgirl
messenger bags
orange hair
Countryfied Urbanites 

my sister

Really regretting not taking the photo of Diane Keaton in her Annie Hall Time Travel outfit... Unfortunately I only enjoy imposing on non-celebrities!

I know this post has been a long time coming but I hope some of these images provided a little inspiration for the day! I promise to do a better job balancing work/life/pilates in the future so we can keep in touch...

For posts on vintage hunting around the city check out this post, this, and this post.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Best(ia) Meal I've Eaten - Arts District

Copper bar at entrance

My two new favorite restaurants are at opposite ends of the city but share a couple similarities: both have (appropriately) boastful adjectives in their names and both make wonderful handmade pasta using smoked or charred semolina. It's not enough to make fresh pasta - hell, I make my own pasta - now I have to char or smoke or manipulate the flour? As I was saying... Superba, as evidenced in this post, is 'superb', whereas Bestia is just sincerely and quite simply - the best. 

Here, sip this cocktail while I continue to set the stage: 'Bespoke' Gin Gimlet with fresh sage. Nuff said

2121 7th Place (to read a little about The Arts District check out this post)

There had been talk of Bestia at my office all week but I wasn't paying much attention until my friend Ed announced his birthday festivities would be taking place there. Leave it to Ed to find the most incredible and exciting places to eat in town. He is totally dialed in to all the good eats and rarely disappoints!

Charcuterie, visible from the bar, is foreshadow for what lays ahead.

The ambiance - feels distinctly Italian in the contrast of old with new (and dig the meat hook lamps!)

- let the show begin -

Guarda La Bella Housemade Salumi 
- The owners are hoping to be known for their array of house cured meats and no doubt they shall. They were unbelievable!

Steamed Mussels. Spicy housemade 'nuduja, fennel seeds, preserved lemon, grilled bread.
This shot doesn't do it justice - I was too anxious to dig in before they were gone!

Braised Calamari. Sunchoke, potato, chili oil, toast.

Here we are devouring it - we are so carnivorous 

left: Anchovy Pizza. San Marzano tomatoes,, rapini, oregano, garlic.
right: Guanciale house made pork joules, ricotta, brussel sprouts, chili oil, bread crumbs.

Bucatini All' Amatriciana. Charred semolina bucatini, housemade guanciale, tomato, pecorino sardo.

Wood oven roasted acorn squash.

Spaghetti Mancini alle Sea Urchin. Squid ink, and mullet bottarga, garlic, calabrian chili, bread crumbs.

Another shot of our enjoyment...

Grilled, Whole Orata. Rapini ripassati.

Cassoela Milanese. Braised pork and veal ribs, housemade sausage, winter greens, cabbages.

our enjoyment from another perspective

Cavatelli all Norcina. Ricotta dumplings, housemade pork sausage, black truffles, pecorino sardo.

Grilled Half Hen. Stewed canellini, and Christmas lima beans, dandelion, chicken liver crostino.

The Birthday Boy blows a candle in a Valrhona Fair Trade Bittersweet Chocolate Budino Tart.
Salted caramel, cacao crust, olive oil, sea salt.

Pear and Ricotta Crostata. Almond frangipane, buttermilk gelato.

 Coffee and Donuts. Spiced chestnut zeppole, softly whipped cream, coffee gelato.

Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta. Early winter tangerines, meyer lemon cookies.
This is just an example of the fine fare - the menu changes nightly, if I'm not mistaken. (Notice old menus repurposed as a backdrop to the desserts).  You know how I like to end on dessert whenever possible... 

The end.